Becci Hodson

Judge – Great Britain

Becci is a UK Championship level Judge with over 9 years of experience. She is also a full-time agility trainer and handles a variety of dogs of different breeds and heights at Championship level.

Becci says “ iam really excited to be Judging IMCA/PAWC and  it will be an honour to judge handlers and their dogs from around the world. I am passionate about course design and strive to achieve great flow for the dogs. I always want to create something that I would love to run with my own dogs!”.

Jorge Pires

Judge – Portugal

I am 53 years old and a retired Paratroop Lieutenant Colonel.

I started competing in Agility in 1996 with my Portuguese National Breed, Fila de S. Miguel, Kendo. In 1997, I also started competing with my dog Anushka, who was also the same breed but as fast as a Border Collie that rapidly reached the top quality of an Agility Dog. However, due to my work and several international military assignments, my agility handling career was interrupted more than I wished affecting negatively my agility career. Nowadays I am preparing a new Border Collie and a new Spanish Water Dog to competition and soon I will be back in to the ring as a competitor.

I have been a Portuguese International Judge since 2002. My judging experience includes many Portuguese Championships, many events wide Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France, Finland, Italy, Germany, England, United States of America, Check Republic, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia etc. I already judged some important championships like the WAO 2016 in England, the International Border Collie in Check Republic 2017, Great Britain Agility Team Squad Performance Weekend 2017, the British Agility Championships 2017, the Gasahoppet Championship 2018 Sweden, the CSJ Open 2018 in England and the PAWC/IMCA 2018 in England, the BACK in Germany, the USOpen, among others.

As an Agility Judge, I try to be the most comprehensive to the dog’s and handler’s safety, I like to combine a respect for all the work a handler puts in with his dog as well as the effort the dog carries out to please his handler as team-mates at the high levels of competition and I try to ensure a safe journey for all within the rules of Agility competitions.

I am looking forward to meet you in Italy next August.

Alberto Marmo

Judge – Italy

Agility Dog Trainer since 2011.

More important result like a handler:
1 place individual I.M.C.A 2011/2014, 1 place Team I.M.C.A 2014, 1 place Dog Olimpic Game 2012, 1 place Biatlhon WAC ifcs 2014/2015/2017, 1 place Eurocup 2015 Slovacchia, Italian’s mixbreed champion 2015, 1 place biathlon Cynosport World Game 2016 U.S.A., 1 place Russian champion team 2016, 1 place allround WAC ifcs 2017, 1 place team WAC ifcs 2017, 1 place Moravia open Czech Republic 2017 , World Champion AWC FCI team 2017, 3 place European Open 2018, 3 place international Shetland 2018, 2 place AWC FCI jumping individual 2018, 3 place AWC FCI jumping individual 2019, 1 place Verbano challenge Italy 2021.


Selection for I.M.C.A. in different years, some Russian competition in Moscow and San Petersburg, Supercoppa 2021 Italy.

Sybille Flek

Assistant Judge 2022 – Full Judge 2023 – Austria

Dear agility athletes, Dear ParAgility participants, Participants of IMCA-PAWC 2022, I would like to thank the organizers for the invitation to the IMCA-PAWC 2022 as an additional judge and the trust placed in me and introduce myself very briefly.

My name is Sybille Flek and I was born in Baden (Austria) in 1963. I have been married to my husband Helmut since 1982, and our son Michael was born in 1987. Already in 1982 our first dog moved in with us, a Cocker Spaniel, followed by a Beagle, 2 German Shepherds, a Bernese Mountain Dog and then an Entlebuch mountain dog (Max von Kasamandl). That’s how I first came into contact with agility with him in 1999. We made it to the A3, but it was already clear to me that the next dog had to be a Border Collie.

That’s how my “Duke” Earl of Pinewood Country came to me in 2002 (in 2007 we were third place in the state championship individual and vice state champion team, 2010 participation in the FCI Agiliy World Cup in Germany) – a soul dog! The following Borders also accompanied me to the A3: Liza ́s Border Tracy, Quincy of Jennifer ́s Bonfire and Carlo of Nazgul Borders. I started with Carlo at IMCA-PAWC in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Unfortunately, he died suddenly and unexpectedly of a spleen tumor in 2019.

For me, too, the active time in agility sports ended in 2019, as I was operated on both knees. We currently have 3 Border Collies, Rey (10), Gigo (6) and You (4), and a Bernese Mountain Dog (3). It has always been clear to me that if I can no longer run in tournament sports myself, then I would like to pass on my knowledge and experience in training to everyone as far as possible and also contribute to the success of beautiful tournaments as a judge.